Local Guardian Support

Nothing is perfect life is messy. In today’s environment it is very difficult for parents to send their child to a new place to unknown destination, be it even for education. Sharing worries of such parent we have introduced local guardian services. Under these service we take responsibility of child and act as local guardian to them there for the child feels home away from home.  The services offered under this include :


For Parents Updates on :                                                                     

ü  Academic performance of their child.                           

ü  Class Attendance Details.

ü  Exam Result.

ü  Class Teacher / Faculty review about the child.


For  Students Assistance on :

ü  Initial Accommodation

ü  Initial local transport

ü  Travel and ticketing arrangements

ü  Initial bank account opening

ü  Health insurance and accident relief care.

ü  Airport pick-up and Drop.