Admission Guideline


Are you confused for your higher education..? Build your career on  “would class education” with the helping hands UNIQUE CAREER SOLUTION. We are the leading education Consultancy who are guidance students in top private college and university in INDIA & ABROAD. Our admission guidance are differentiate in different forms. Counseling and admission guidance is defined as a planed and organized by the experienced counselors to assisting the students to understand the abilities  and choose the right education career. Our Guidance is a group of planned and physiologically constructed for students that can solving problems for FEARS, CONFUSED, FRUSTRATION students. We are very transparent and discussed all important, miscellaneous information in terms of help the students to understand and know their abilities and choose the right course in right institute accordingly to their budget.

Since most of college and universities keep changing the admission rules & regulation and procedure to cope up with the increasing demand for the best education, It is unsure to secure a desired course that you pursuing your career. That’s where we come to help you in these problem and discussed most of the universities and colleges and have a firsthand knowledge on their admission procedure we have designed an ideal step by step by process of career development which includes the couple of major points.




ü  To build the confidence level for decision making. (Seasonal)

ü  Students Personal Evaluation.

ü  Personal Career goal  and ambitious.

ü  Exploring the best career opportunity.

ü  Proper guidance on decision making in terms of selecting a particular college or university as per the course expectation within their budget.

ü  Process all important documents assisting to help application and secure admission in suitable college /university.

Concept - Call for GD-PI  Call for GD-PI is the highly cost-effective and time-saving tool in terms of securing admissions, involving two-way face to face communication process. To make sure clients recruit strong applicants from Tripura & Other North East States.

Our GD-PI is exclusively conducted for you where students are registered first and determined to take admission.

Guidance for admission to engineering, medical, management courses for private and government colleges in India.

We also have collaborated with various other colleges abroad for direct admission to students abroad without visiting any third party agencies.

We also provide admission to top private colleges and deemed universities through management quota In India.

What Should I Do ?

Why should we worry about being a square peg in a round hole? If guided properly, you can find your best fit on your own. Everyone is unique in their own way, just like everybody else. You need to find your calling, what motivates you, excites you, makes you get out of the bed early in the morning.If you are one of those, still thinking what to do after school, what career to choose, what path to walk on, then go after a career that best fits your personality and goes with your style. Only then will you be able to achieve something extraordinary in that field. You will be able to prove yourself in this life.

Education, the one necessity that cannot be avoided at any cost. Having a graduation degree is what is expected at least from any student who aspires to make a strong career. Often everyone is confused about how to make a good career, what to choose, what not to pursue, how to walk on that thin line between a good career with broad scope and a career in one’s own interests. This is where career counselling comes into the picture.


The main aim of career counselling is to help students choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their job expectations. Thus, with the help of career counselling, most candidates end up choosing the right career and perform their level best, which ultimately helps them succeed. Here comes a great product from on named CPCG.

CPCG is a Department of Science and Technology, Government of India recognized, online psychometric test that evaluates a person’s personality based on five factors, namely, orientation style, personality traits, aptitude profile, interests and emotional quotient.Its detailed report lists out the dominant traits of the subject being administered and makes available development plans to strengthen the weaker aspects of the personality. Contingent on the test results, a list of career options is presented to the subject that are the most compatible with the subject’s personality and interests. Its detailed summary report provides you with your best fit career matches that would certainly make you scream EUREKA!!! I found my calling.

We have a specially designed aptitude cum psychometric test to determine the student's best interests with the help of a detailed analysis report. Additionally we conduct an Oral exam to complete the psychological profile of the student, so that appropriate and effective counseling can be provided.

More than 1,000 students have taken this test since January, 2018 when it was eventuated.