Govt. Polytechnic Hyderabad to Offer 3-year Diploma Courses

Govt. Polytechnic Hyderabad to Offer 3-year Diploma Courses

Government Polytechnic for Women (Minorities) Badangpet has announced that they will be offering 3-year diploma courses in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Garment Technology along with Commercial and Computer Practice. 

A 3-year diploma course is being offered at the Government Polytechnic for Women (Minorities) Badangpet. The 3-year diplomas that are being offered at the college will be given in Commercial and Computer Practice as well as Garment Technology.

The college follows a student-centric pedagogy practice and also has adopted a competitive curriculum which will help the students get profitable career opportunities once they have successfully completed their course at the Government Polytechnics for Women.

The college has a C-18 curriculum which is at the same level as the international colleges and university. The students will receive as part of the curriculum, training in soft skills, as well as entrepreneurship programmes and experience from industries in the form of internships. The college also promotes extra-curricular activities which the students can take part in as part of the overall curriculum, which helps the overall growth of the student in the process.

The students will also be able to find short-term certificate courses for people in the age group of 15-30. The courses will be offered in different disciplines such as tailoring, loom work, costume designing, computer accounting, electronic servicing, and typewriting.

More than half the vocational training that the students receive in the college are, under the community development through polytechnics activities self-supporting courses. The applications for admissions into these courses are being accepted till 4th April 2019.