CBSE to Launch a Course for Training Teachers in Ethics

CBSE to Launch a Course for Training Teachers in Ethics

CBSE will start a course for teachers that will be in the context of ethics and integrity. The course is named A Trainers Manual for Educators Integrity and Ethics.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, commonly known as CBSE, will be launching a capacity building programme for all the teachers in CBSE schools from the academic session 2019-2020. This programme will entail a workshop of two days to train teachers in integrity and ethics for creating ethical leaders of tomorrow according to the Board.

The name of the course is A Trainers Manual for Educators Integrity and Ethics. It will include topics such as Kohlbergs Stages of Moral Development, cognitive dissonance, and the A to Z of Ethics.

In its most recent circular, the CBSE said that the academic curriculum is updated by them constantly so as to enable them in meeting the increasing demands of a fast-changing society of knowledge. However, they have also acknowledged that they pay very less attention to the attributes and habits that help in building ethical teachers.

Throughout the course, the teachers will receive training for teaching students five points of extreme importance Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, and Honesty. This will be done through a variety of current events and historical topics.

The curriculum does not have any qualifiable details and the Board mentioned that the objective of this course is to create an environment which allows critical examination of the existing policies and practices while also sensitising the students.

The training of teachers will be done via several activities such as anecdotes, role play, and approaching integrity and ethics through audiovisual media. The teachers will then teach students through various discussions on articles and write-ups by famous and eminent thinkers, like Marilyn Price-Mitchell who is an American author, psychologist, columnist, and also a youth development expert.