Ukraine is a unique hospitable country with a beautiful nature, friendly people, and delicious cuisine. It is situated in Eastern Europe. Ukraine shares borders with the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova. It is bounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. It is the largest country in Europe, it occupies an area of 603,628 km².

Ukraine is a president / parliamentary republic. The major law is the Constitution. The power in the country is shared between the Head of the executive power (the President), the Parliament (called Verkhovna Rada) and the Court system. 


Ukraine is a unitary state of 24 regions (oblasts). The Capital of Ukraine is Kiev, it is one of the largest and very beautiful city.

The population of Ukraine is 46 million people, among them: ethnic Ukrainians (77.8%), Russians (17%), Belarusians and Romanians.

There are three power branches in Ukraine: executive, legislative and judicial. After termination of the Soviet Union, Ukraine maintains the second-largest military in Europe, after Russian. 


The official state language is Ukrainian as stated in the Constitution of Ukraine. Mainly the Ukrainian language is spoken in the Western and Central parts of Ukraine, especially it prevails in cities (such as Lviv). In addition, many people speak Russian, particularly in the Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Central Ukraine uses both Ukrainian and Russian equally in cities, with Russian more common in Kiev. The English language is very developed in Ukraine. 


Ukrainian climate is mostly dry and continental, influenced with warm, dry summers and mild winters. January is considered to be the coldest month in a year with daytime temperatures around 0°C. The climate of Odessa is practically ideal, with the soft tang of the sea mixing with the dry climate of the steppe further inland.

The daytime temperatures in summer period reach 25-30°C, but sometimes it can rise higher, up to 35°C, especially in the inland areas. The summer months enjoy the dry weather with sunny spells.

The most comfortable weather is during the May-September period when days are warm and the nights are cool. 

Required clothing:
When you are planning your visit to Ukraine make sure you have with you Light- to medium-weights cloth to wear during the summer months. For the winter period, it’s very important to take warm cloth, medium- to heavy-weights.


World Tourism Organization appointed Ukraine as the 8th most popular place for tourists visiting in Europe. Ukraine is the heart of Europe by its position; it is a crossroad point between Central and Eastern Europe, North and South. Ukraine has beautiful nature, mountain ranges – the Carpathian Mountains for hiking, skiing, hunting, and fishing; vineyards to produce native wines; a coastline of the Black Sea for summer vacations historical parks, ruins of ancient castles, Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques and synagogues, medieval castles and national reserves.

Kiev, the countrys capital city is the 7th most populous city of Europe. It is famous for the giant Mother Motherland titanium statue on the Right bank of the Dnieper River, Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves), Saint Sophia Cathedral, Mariyinsky Palace, the reconstructed Golden Gate and broad boulevards. There are many other interesting cities in Ukraine, such well-known to tourists as the old Lviv and harbor city Odessa. The Crimea is a very popular vacation destination for summer on the coastline of the Black Sea with its warm climate, ancient ruins, plateaus and solid mountains. Visitors should also try ship cruise tours on Dnieper River from Kiev to the Black Sea. There is a list of seven prominent historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine, it is called  Seven Wonders of Ukraine. 


Ukrainian cuisine offers a large number of original dishes. Ukrainians drink mineral water, tea, and coffee, juice, stewed fruit, milk, buttermilk (cottage cheese is made of it). As Ukraine is a multinational country, you can find all possible kind of meals, from all different nationalities and recipes. In huge supermarkets, you can buy all kind of spices for cooking your favorite home dishes.

Rich of culture and history, with amazing architectural sites and a landscape, Ukraine is a wonderful place to spend your abroad studies. You will receive a real high-quality education supported by the fact that Ukraine actually produces the fourth largest number of post-secondary graduates in Europe.

Ukraine welcomes you to a country with a great culture and gastronomic specialties. Quality higher education and postgraduate studies alongside with great nature and beautiful architecture. Combining your education with the adventures of a lifetime, Ukraine will give you experiences to remember for a very long time.

Odessa. Odessa is a beautiful city in the South of Ukraine, located on the Black Sea coast. Odessa is an administrative center of the Odessa Region, major seaport as well as economic, commercial, tourist and cultural center.

Odessa city is the third largest city in Ukraine after the nations capital, Kiev, and Kharkov, with a population of 1 012 277. Today Odessa has a total population of about 1.1 million people.

Odessa is a multiethnic city. It hosts a big number of nationalities, as a result, Odessa is the most multinational city in Ukraine.

The multinational character of Odessa has influenced the architecture of public buildings, reflecting the Mediterranean style of classical architecture and in the planning of buildings and facade compositions, the Italian and French decor is felt on each step.

In 2009, the historical center of the port city of Odessa was officially listed in the preliminary World Heritage list of UNESCO.

There are many theaters and museums in Odessa, a lot of them have a long and interesting history. The Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (Opera house) is the biggest and the most famous theatre in Odessa. The building has unique and well-known architecture. In 2011 the popular magazine  Forbes  included the Odessa Opera House into a list of the most important sights in Eastern Europe. The Odessa Opera House is not only interesting for its architecture, but it also has a rich creative biography. It has been visited by Tchaikovsky and other famous composers, musicians, singers, and dancers.

Odessas most iconic symbol, the Potemkin Stairs, is rightfully acknowledged as one of the most beautiful staircases in Europe. In July 2015 special ceremony has inaugurated  Treasure of European Film Culture emblem next to the Potemkin Stairs. European Film Academy awarded the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa the title Treasure of European Film Culture as one of the worlds most famous historical film locations.

Odessa Catacombs is a gigantic complicated labyrinth of underground tunnels beneath Odessa. Stretching to an estimated total length of 2,500km, the Odessa Catacombs are perhaps the largest network of tunnels anywhere in the world. Theyre significantly longer – and more complex – than the famous catacombs found beneath Rome (300km) and Paris (500 km)… in fact, if these Odessas tunnels were stretched out to full length, theyd reach further than the distance between Odessa and Paris.

Odessa is one of the major ports and an important center of industry, science, and culture. Odessas mild climate, warm waters, and sunlit beaches attract thousands of tourists year around. Its shady streets, gorgeous buildings, and pleasant squares give the city a certain manner of closeness and understanding. Odessa is simply charming with its stunning architecture. Odessa proved itself fertile ground for various architectural styles. Some Odessas buildings display a marvelous mixture of different styles, and some are built in the Art Nouveau Style which was in vogue at the turn of the century. Renaissance and Classicist styles are also widely present.

Odessa is the largest city along the entire Black Sea, the 5th largest city in Ukraine and arguably the most important city of trade. Many years ago, Odessa was once the 3rd leading city in old Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Odessa looks more like a city located on the Mediterranean, had been heavily influenced by French and Italian styles. Odessa has always had a spirit of freedom, probably gifted to her by her location and by her ability to accept many different people. The city has a wide variety of people including Ukrainian, Russian, Moldavian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Caucasian, Jewish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Odessa is one of the major ports and an important center of industry, science, and culture. Her mild climate, warm waters, and sunlit beaches attract thousands of tourists year around. Its shady streets, gorgeous buildings, and pleasant squares give the city a certain manner of closeness and understanding. Odessa is simply charming with its stunning architecture. The city proved itself fertile ground for various architectural styles. Some buildings display a marvelous mixture of different styles, and some are built in the Art Nouveau Style which was in vogue at the turn of the century. Renaissance and Classicist styles are also widely present.

Today Odessa has a total population of about 1.1 million people. The citys trades include that of shipbuilding, chemicals, oil refining, food processing and metalworking. Odessa also has a naval base and several fishing fleets, which adds to the citys economy.

Odessa is beautifully situated on green rolling hills, overlooking a small picturesque harbor. The best time to visit Odessa is during summer when everything is in bloom and marvelous. The summer is especially favorable for those who are looking to tan on one of her tranquil white beaches.

Russian is the primary language spoken in Odessa, however, Ukrainian is the official language and many advertisements and signs are written in it. English is the most widely used tourist language.

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